Things You Do For Beauty
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Growth Stimulating Oil

Chemo Hair Loss? Alopecia? Damaged Hair? Pregnancy Hair Loss? Receding Hair? Bald Hair? Medication Hair Loss?

Need Extra Strength Hair Growth?

Things You Do For Beauty Solves That Problem!

My sister had cancer 8 years ago. The illness, treatments, hair loss, nausea, and the list go on. . .

The pain runs deep, but when our children see us hurting, that's what hurts us!

Why not help yourself beautiful while going through this storm? Any situation that takes you from your best needs YOUR attention! This is how you can help yourself.

I developed this oil to help my sister regrow her hair. It helped her and it helped me too!

Chemotherapy/Chemo Oil - Are you looking for something natural to solve Chemo hair loss? Our oil is safe before, during, and after chemo.

Natural Hair Oil - Are you looking for a natural Hair Growth Oil? Our oil has all-natural ingredients!

Pregnancy Hair Growth - Have you lost hair due to pregnancy? Our chemical-free oil is safe during pregnancy!

Receding Hair/Cowlicks/Balding - Do you have cowlicks/receding hairline/bald spots? Our Oil restores the hair loss! Bald, Receding, and Cowlicks Hair Growth Oil!

Alopecia - Extra Strength Hair Growth Oil - Natural Ingredients to increase blood flow.

Medication Thinning Hair - Our oil is safe to use while on medication and it will help heal your scalp and restore healthy hair.

Things You Do For Beauty


Growth Stimulating Oil: made with all-natural ingredients, no chemicals!

Ingredients are castor oil, grape seed oil, black tea, biotin, and essential oils.

Developed for my sister to restore hair after loss from Chemo.

Made with Love!

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