Things You Do For Beauty


This is our Growth Stimulating Oil with all natural beeswax to provide a nice slick hold.

Want to grow your hair and tame it in ponytails, braids, twists, and . . . .

You'll love this addition to your hair arsenal.

Sure to work for the following hair needs:

Chemotherapy/Chemo Oil - Are you looking for something natural to solve Chemo hair loss? Our oil is safe before, during, and after chemo.

Natural Hair Oil - Are you looking for a natural Hair Growth Oil? Our oil has all-natural ingredients!

Pregnancy Hair Growth - Have you lost hair due to pregnancy? Our chemical-free oil is safe during pregnancy!

Receding Hair/Cowlicks/Balding - Do you have cowlicks/receding hairline/bald spots? Our Oil restores the hair loss! Bald, Receding, and Cowlicks Hair Growth Oil!

Alopecia - Extra Strength Hair Growth Oil - Natural Ingredients to increase blood flow.

Medication Thinning Hair - Our oil is safe to use while on medication and it will help heal your scalp and restore healthy hair.

Plus all natural beeswax to provide a nice smooth hold.

Things You Do For Beauty


HairAide made with all-natural ingredients, no chemicals!

Ingredients are castor oil, grape seed oil, black tea, beeswax, biotin, and essential oils.

Made with Love!

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